Creating Lead by Using LinkedIn

Along with that marketing proceeded to the digital environment, the new trend of those who do marketing through social media is “creating lead”. The era of getting an appointment by making a phone call is all over now. Today, we are in the era of sharing the correctly prepared content in social media, reaching your target audience and getting contact with them. Creating lead is important for B2B companies. We can define creating lead as “forming potential costumer and sales demand”.

According to 2017 State of Digital Marketing Report, LinkedIn has been chosen as the number one social network for gaining potential customers and creating sales opportunity with a rate of 62%. 93% of B2Bs state that LinkedIn has been increasing their sales and emphasize that it is their most preferred medium for content marketing.*

What has to be done for creating lead by using the recent years’ B2B trendy marketing method?

  • Create Company Profile
    Be attentive to create a good profile in LinkedIn. If your target audience likes and reads your contents, their next step is to look through who you are. Company employees is the reflection of your company in LinkedIn. The LinkedIn profiles of your employees are not only a CV but also provide an insight about the company. Your photos, experiences, shares and even links influence the purchasing decision of your target audience.
  • Familiarize Your Potential Customers
    First of all, you should identify correctly to whom you have to reach, namely your target audience. Then, you can follow the profiles and shares of your target audience through social networks and thus, you can see their needs and wants better. By this means, you have a chance to prepare the content which attract their attention and you can reach and make contact with your target audience through this content.
  • Prepare Problem Solver Contents
    During specifying the subject of the content, tell how it would offer solutions to the problems of your potential customers instead of praising your product or service. The important thing is being capable of telling the benefit it will provide for them without descending to particulars of your product or service. For making your contents read, share and most importantly create lead, be attentive to prepare a content that provide benefit and give information to the reader. Be honest and transparent to your target audience. Do not forget to intersperse the achievements and values of your company throughout your contents.
  • Enrich Your Contents
    Adding visuals to your contents increases their influence. Most people decide whether they read the content by influencing from the visual elements. A visual consonant to the content you crated complements your text. Your videos make your content stronger. The videos and contents which are explanatory, easily understandable and displays your specialty create a sales opportunity at most. However, be careful not to prepare a very technical and complicated content while displaying your specialty. The contents which mention about the innovations and changes in your sector have always been reading and sharing much more. Your language has to be plain, fluent and understandable. The contents which are prepared by translating from a foreign language can not be get much attention by your target audience because of not being original. LinkedIn users recognize the original content in an instant.

You can work with Creathinks for preparing contents and creating a sales demand by reaching your target audience through these contents.


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