Content Marketing Guide for New Entrepreneurs

Content Marketing Guide for New Entrepreneurs

You have an original idea and you realized that. You are sure that your idea will work but nobody knows you. You can make your idea reach to large audiences through the content marketing method. How? Let’s proceed step by step:

  1. Did you take your place in digital world?
    You have to take your place in digital world for reaching to your potential customers and advertising your work. If you do not have a website, forget about reaching your customers. Website enables you to give information and confidence about your brand and your work. It would be a right choice to design the website you will create for your enterprise in a plain and user friendly way. Do not overlook that you also have a blog by which you can share your content in your website. You can think of the blog as an archive of your contents which will appeal to the sentiments of your customers. Besides, your blog will create a space in which your potential customers can find answers to their questions.
  2. Do you have a story?
    Your website is ready and now you said hello to the digital world. You also have a blog in your website. Now it is time to fill your blog! There is one thing you should do before beginning to prepare your content. You should have a story which tells how your enterprise was born, from whence you came and to where you are going, namely a story which tells you. The journey of the enterprises without a story takes a short time. You can think of your story as the first meeting moment of your customers with you. Stories establishes intimacy, gives confidence, sticks in the mind and appeals to sentiments. If you want to be permanent, you should firstly start with telling your story. Do not forget, behind every successful enterprise there is a story.
  3. Is Your Content ready?
    You add your story to your website. Now it is time for beginning to prepare your content. If there are questions such as “What kind of content do I need?”, “What kind of language should I use?”, “What should my content be about?” in your mind, focus on your product or service. Start with thinking about what you are doing differently, what your customers want to know about you, and what you want to tell them. Emphasizing you differences makes you special and enables you to have a special place for your customers. If you can specify correctly what your customers want to know, then it would be easier for you to reach them. When you specify what you want to tell your customers, you would adopt a confident attitude about your product/service and you would give confidence to them. Let the language of your content be plain and clear. Pay attention to give correct information and to appeal to the sentiments of your customers during preparing your content.
  4. Can you Shoot Photograph/Video?
    Content does not only consist of texts. Visuals like photographs and videos are inseparable parts of the content. Visuals emphasizes what you want to tell in the content, they make your content complete. Sometimes even only one photograph or one second in the video provides you to arouse the attention of your customers. Now you know that you should support your content with visuals; well, to what should you pay attention while shooting photographs and videos? For making your product visible, photograph and video shooting techniques vary by your work. For instance, if your work is about food and beverage, a photograph of a beautiful plate or people around a dining table or if you run a bakery, photos of steamy bread newly came out of the oven or if you have a café, tea or coffee photos can be good choices. If you are occupied with pvc window montage, a video shot during working in montage can be a powerful instrument. However, it may not be such a good idea to present photographs from dealers meetings to your followers all the time. If you are a consulting firm, a video about your work is a more effective method than tens of customer visits for telling both you and your work. Professional support would make your work easier but do not overlook the balance between spontaneity and professionalism.
  5. Do You Use Social Media?
    The number of active users of the media platform you will use but it should not be the one and only factor that effects your choice. It is always more advantageous to use more than one social media channels considering your product/service than taking place in only one social media platform. When the criterion such as the number of users and the demographical structure of the users, the services provided by the social media platforms and the intended purposes are considered, the social media channels such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram are more suitable for the purpose of the entrepreneurs.

    As of October 2018, Facebook has 2.2 billion, YouTube has 1.9 billion and Instagram has 1 billion active users. Facebook is a platform which can help you to create a strong effect with a low budget. Its age range is larger than Instagram. It is a digital communication source by which you can upload photographs and videos as well as sharing your blog writings. It is a user friendly platform in which you can specify your target audience easily. YouTube is the most commonly used video sharing website. If you want to give more detailed information about your product or service, YouTube would be a suitable platform by which you can share videos about your enterprise. Even though the advertisement fee of Instagram is more than Facebook, it is one of the most effective visual marketing channels. You can make your potential customers find you easily with using proper hashtags and you can attract your customers to your website with your visuals.

    If you have an eye-pleasing enterprise, for example an enterprise selling ceramic, ornament or dresses, Instagram and Facebook can be a suitable platform for your advertisement. If you have an enterprise on handiworks such as jewelry design, needlework or knitting, you can share some part of the production phase of your product in YouTube. And you can share your ready for sale products in Instagram and Pinterest, you can make sale by directing your customers to your website. Choose the social media platforms you will use according to the features of your product/service.

  6. What About Your Customers Who Do Not Use Social Media?
    Google is the most commonly used search engine globally. Everyday numerous people have been making searches in Google by using keywords. Google Adwords is the most effective method for making your target audience who do not use social media reach you. When you can choose the best definitive words for your product/service, your potential customers would match with the words they searched and the possibility to screen/click of your advertisement would increase. You can also specify the advertisement fee of Google Adwords and you can make changes in accordance with your budget.
  7. Do You Know Who You Will Reach?
    Everything is completed; now you can make the content that you prepared by considering your potential customer reach them. You can choose your target audience in terms of your product or service by giving advertisements to the aforementioned social media accounts. You can specify your target audience who can be your customers instead of followers who will not interested in your product/service easily through filters such as age, gander, occupation and income groups during doing this.