Health Sector – Guide for Advertisement in Social Media

There is also a social media ground of giving advertisements and preparing content in health sector aside from the legal framework. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Google applications have also regulations for the contents about health. Namely, if you want to work and want to advertise in health sector, it is not enough for your contents to have legal compliance; it is also good to take a glance at the rules in the social media. Although they are parallel with each other, the content you prepared should follow certain rules in the social media:

  • The rules applicable to the contents prepared about health sector in Facebook are different than the rules applicable to the contents of the companies operating in other sectors. In Facebook, the visuals you will use in the contents you prepare about health must not be as Before/After.
  • It should not take place any expression which can cause a person to perceive
  • herself/himself negatively or to feel bad in advertisement contents prepared for the advertisement of health products.

  • A content including unrealistic expressions and using exaggerated, incentive visuals and close-up pictures are not also in accordance with Facebook advertisement principles.
  • While using contents and visuals about physical fitness and healthy life habits are not subject to any control, using contents and visuals of dietary and weight-loss products in advertisements are subject to control.
  • In the advertisements of dietary and weight-loss products, it is allowed to be targeted 18 years and older people.
  • One of the most basic rules of Google AdWords is that some contents can only be used in certain areas.
  • The contents prepared about some health products can only be presented in the approved countries. You definitely have to check the list of restrictions peculiar to the country to which you are planning to give advertisement.
  • For the countries approved for giving advertisement, the pharmaceutical manufacturers should be approved by Google.
  • Turkey is not included in the countries in which non-prescriptive medicines can be advertised.
  • Using correct keywords is important to be easy accessible.
  • 90% of hospital managers use Google search engine for researching supplier and product options.
  • The contents allowed by Google Adwords about non-prescriptive and prescription medicines, products and services about pregnancy and fertility, medical devices and test can be different due to the countries you target.
  • If you want to give advertisement without paying attention to the restrictions, your advertisement will be disapproved.
  • The advertisements which are incompatible with Google Advertisements policies will not be published till the correction of the policy violation and the approval of the advertisement.
  • If your violation is quite serious, your account will be suspended. All advertisements in the suspended account will be banned and your advertisements will not be accepted anymore. Moreover, all related accounts can also be suspended.