As Creathinks, while we write stories for your company and tell them to acquaintances, we also provide different digital marketing services that support your company. At heart of our work, there is creative ideas, stories, positive emotions and of course, success.

Storytelling is a quite different approach than the classic advertising approach. It is a much more attractive and sincere method for the people who are tired of the clichés, commonplaces and slogans. Many companies have already been telling about themselves, their employees and their business through stories in the social media and in their executive blogs. The companies have been making benefit of these stories in forming their identities. Creathinks team consists of the people who achieved many successful works in the field of content marketing. If you seek a storyteller for your company, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s write and tell your stories together.

All service provided by Creathinks such as SEO and Content Marketing can be reported and consists of services with measurable benefits.