Valuable Content

Değerli İçerik

People want to read qualified contents henceforth. Sharing contents as “Happy New year” or You’re your Holiday Be Blessed!” The contents which were translated from foreign languages or were copied from others are not arousing attention of the people. Their time is valuable… So, when they spend their time for reading a content, they expect that it is worth it. Content marketing method is exactly responding this need. Because this method also tries to create a valuable content by mulling over and drain the contents. Consumers access to the content of their own accord and share if they find it valuable. They are not exposed to advertisements by being disturbed as in television, radio or Youtube videos.

Pinning keywords in the text content for rising the rank in search engines does not make the content valuable. A content that is written totally strategically, that does not have plausibility, that feels abundantly like advertising, and that is sloppy can be recognized easily by the internet users. Even if you have a lot of followers, if they do not share your content, this means that there is a problem somewhere. Therefore, the muchness of the number of your follower or the hit rate of your shares is not important. When you can provide the contents to the audience who are interested in your product or service, then your content has been started to see the value it deserved and be shared.

Firstly, for making your content valuable, you should know your reader well. You have to consider what your target audience really want to know in a content that you produce for a certain audience. When you start to use an active language, namely when you succeed in talking with your target audience, then you have reached them. When you organize your ideas well, then they become more accessible and easy-to-read. Of course, your content should be brief and to the point while you are doing that. If you do not check the accuracy of information you give, your content would become valueless because your target audience already hold a view leastwise about your content and when they encounter with a misinformation, this breaks their confidence. Nobody would spend their time for reading a text which does not appeal to them and which is complicated and ill-designed.

A valuable content enables to establish a bond between your potential clients and your brand, and mediates for giving accurate information to your clients – so, it is confidential. It appeals to feelings, it is sincere, transparent and authentic. When needed, it creates a content at a value including that the consumers can use the information provided them as a reference.

Let us clarify that though an example. Coca Cola which does not lose the leadership to Pepsi in world and Turkey markets advertising itself with content marketing. During this advertising, Coca Cola keeps away from preparing direct, simple and exaggerated advertisements such as “taste of our drink is perfect!” or “our calorie is lower, drink cola!”. Instead, Coca Cola both appeals to the feelings of the consumer and enables to establish a bond between the brand and the consumer thanks to the feelings it aroused. Thus, the brand matches with the feelings aroused in the content. We can see from the market share of Pepsi in Turkey that the efforts of Pepsi which tries to feature celebrities in its commercials fall short of their goals against the content marketing of Coca Cola. The effect of the content marketing is felt at this stage. [1]

[1] Mohammed, Blesa İbrahim. (2012). “The Competition Between Coca Cola & Pepsi Brands in Turkish Market: The Brand Loyalty”.