How LinkedIn – B2B Content Should Be?

Linkedin Content

The companies are expecting transparency and authenticity from their suppliers. LinkedIn Social Media and Content Management Executive Jason Miller says that “When we examine the most successful contents produced for B2B, we saw that all of them are between 1000 and 3000 words.” Differently from Facebook and Instagram, long contents in LinkedIn have been getting more interaction and have been sharing more common.

Buzzsumo* says that 85% of the contents published in LinkedIn are shorter than 1000 words. This indicates that those who do content marketing consider that the attention span of a customer is shorter than the attention span of a goldfish. It is considered that social media users do not spare long time for reading the shared contents but when the data is examined, this is not true for B2B contents. The number of long contents published in LinkedIn until 2014 has increased. In LinkedIn, it has been published 80.000 articles in 2015, 130.000 articles in 2016, and 377.000 articles in 2017.

The number of content shares published in LinkedIn has almost been doubled from 2015 to 2016 and it has increased from 31 million to almost 73 million. Most users in LinkedIn have been publishing short articles less than 1000 words but the most shared contents are as long as 1000-3000 words.

This data creates an important opportunity for B2B employees to create contents they prefer. The reason why the long contents in LinkedIn have been sharing more is that most users want to understand an issue in depth. Well researched, problem solver and long content satisfies the needs of the target audience better. However, the longness of the text is not enough in creating an influential content. The contents should be thought provoking contents which value your target audience and inform about your product or service, and show your expertise. Another point which increases the effectivity of your contents is their authenticity. When you use the contents that belong to others with small changes, you lose prestige in the eyes of your target audience and your content does not attract the expected attention. And your authentic contents have been reading and sharing much more by LinkedIn users and they enable you to reach senior managers of the enterprises easier.

In LinkedIn, it has been more effective when the content titles are not longer than 40-49 characters. The most striking titles are the titles starting with the question of “How?” Adding visuals to our content enables it to be read and be shared more. However, adding videos to every video may not attract the expected attention. It should be added visuals or videos to the content with regard to the subject and the longness of the article. Long and informative contents are effective but the articles which are divided in five or six subtitles in average have been reading easier. The contents which reflect a positive feeling have been receiving more shares and likes. It has been leaving more comments for the contents written with a neutral language.

While 74% of B2B companies are using LinkedIn for their purchasing decisions, 44% of them are finding new suppliers through LinkedIn. According to this data, creating content in LinkedIn and reaching this content to the right target audience have become important. 62% of LinkedIn users are interested in the content because of it is about education or it is informative, and the most pleasant part of the contents they read for 44% of them is that the inspirational ends of the contents.

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