Content Marketing for Technology and Software Companies

technology content marketing

Technology and software products are not the products for which the people can say “Let’s buy it for try”. Before digital era, there were sincere stories which meet the producer/servicer and the customer instead of the marketing strategies which cause distance between the target audience and the brand. It is quite important to know the story of the brand for realizing the sale. Just like we had been shopping from the market that we already know and trust before the big grocery store chains come into our lives. Today, the sincere form of the marketing strategies is the content marketing conducted with the storytelling method. In this way, it becomes easier to establish confidence between your target audience and your brand because potential customers have been responding only the content that they find useful and interesting for themselves.

Thanks to content marketing, you can easily share the user comments of the consumers about technology products and services and you can disseminate information to a large mass through social median and the internet. If you create and share useful and valuable contents about your product or service, you can transform your target audience who read your content into your customers. Well then, how will you do that?

Be Your Thought Leader of Your Industry!

Let’s say you have a different software or a technology product which you believe they make the consumers’ lives easier. However, if nobody knows you, then the things you have count for nothing. So, you have to race to the idea leadership of your industry. Being an idea leader is different from being an industry leader.

Idea leadership means to prove your specialization and to gain reputation in your business. For being recognized as an authority in the field you have specialized and becoming a brand of which there is need for its specialization, you have to display that you have an authentic point of view to your target audience. Beyond being able to answer the questions in the mind of the target audience, it is expected from you to carry your target audience one step further. It turns you into the idea leader of your industry how and how well you answer their questions by foreseeing the needs and expectations of the target audience.

For this, you have to be sure about that your brand presents consistent contents as a whole with your product/service, your blog, your web site and your social media platforms. You should be a good observer, keep your visions open, and be a strict follower of technology agenda. It is important for you to target and to interact with the relevant people in the social media. This shows that you are more competent in your field. Your contents must be original. It is the best beginning for content marketing to share contents periodically and to create a blog with these contents. The more you produce quality contents, the more the access of your target audience increases. Create your own contents and use social media platforms for establishing interaction with your target audience and receiving feedbacks from them. Give advertisements to the search engines and the relevant web sites.

Become Versed in the Art of Storytelling

People love good stories. Stories familiarize and strengthen the relations. If you want to arouse the interest of your target audience, you should have not only an interesting thing to tell but also the ability of telling that interesting thing. The target audience of technological products and software has more or less information about the technical specifications of what they look for. How the information you shared in your content is told is the key for you in reaching your target audience.

For storifying your contents into stories, you have to focus the story behind your brand, product or service. What drives you to write software or to produce a product loaded with technological functions? How your software or your technological product will affect the life of your target audience? What is your difference? It is not enough to write the technical specifications article by article. All companies are already doing that. Locate yourself in a different position with your storified contents. Storifying your contents keeps your product from becoming mechanized because stories are emotional investments. They reach the message of your brand to your target audience and promote them to take action by appealing to their emotions.

World’s third largest computer producer, American brand Dell has been using the storytelling method until 2017 for being able to tell its products to everyone more clearly. Dell which has been sharing generally the stories of its employees and funny videos about technology states that it targets to establish an emotional bond with its target audience. Dell’s CEO says that technology has become interesting and attractive for the target audience thanks to the storytelling and that Dell has become different in this way.

Broadcast Different Content Types

Content does not only consist of texts. Contents involve everything we use for informing the target audience such as social media shares, info-graphics, videos and photos. It is always more advantageous to publicize different content types instead of the contents which consist of only texts or visuals. Especially if you have software or a technological product, the visual contents supported with written contents are the most effective method for reaching your target audience. While visual content arouses the interest of readers more, written content appeals to the emotions and thoughts of the target audience; these contents make reaching to the target audience easier by blending the technical specifications with the story.

The most effective content is the content which is shared at most by your target audience. The content shared with the comment of a user who purchased your technological product or software enables you to establish confidence in your potential customers.

Choose Social Media Channels Pertinent to Your Content

In which social media channels you will share your content created for your technological products or software affect the success of the content marketing. It is important to visualize the specifications of the technological product for telling it to your potential customers. Sharing the videos on YouTube provides you more returns. If your product appeals to a younger audience, it would be right to share your contents in Instagram as well as YouTube. For the contents which involve more written material, the most effective social media channel for the technological products and software is the Facebook. If your products appeal to the companies instead of individuals, then LinkedIn is the most correct channel.

Not only your content but also your target audience determines the social media platform you will use. American telecommunication companies Verizon and AT&T which use content marketing method have been trying to reach different target audiences. AT&T specifies the financial decision makers in the family, namely the parents through Facebook and YouTube. Verizon has been trying to reach the youth by targeting the millennium generation through Twitter and Facebook. Your content and target audience are effective for you in specifying which social media channel you will choose.

Google Ads

Creating quality content is not easy. For this reason, you have to reach the good content through all favorable channels. Using Google Ads by being not satisfied with the social media maximizes the benefit that you will provide from your content. You can place your ads in the websites visited by those who are interested in your product.

Giving advertisements with keywords enables you to reach those who are looking for your product. While doing this, your chance of sale will increase when you know that because of which specifications the users look for your product and when you prepare your content in accordance with this fact.

What Do Creathinks Do?

We, as Creathinks, create your visual and written content and advertisements and reach them to your target audience through all favorable channels. We consistently follow the results and maximize the return of the investment you made for advertisement.