Deep Learning & Content Marketing

deep learning

There are too many contents in Internet. Every day, you are making contribution t0 two and half millions data by writing blogs, broadcasting videos or sharing visuals. Did you ever think how much producing content for your advertisement can be effective while this much data have been sharing on the Internet environment? A content in which the keywords are sprinkled in the text is no more that effective. If you think that the time has come for adding a new bright method to your content strategy, let us introduce you with deep learning.

What is Deep Learning, How It Works?

Deep Learning means learning programmed by way of the data input to computer algorithms. Deep learning imitates the perception and decision making style of human brain based on the data input to the softwares. At the beginning, the outputs can vary depending on the inputted data. However, the more data it is fed with, the more its outputs will be correct.

Deep learning has emerged as the machine learning technique. We can think of deep learning like the neurons in our brain. It forms the algorithms which can establish connection between the data, namely the neural networks. These neural networks involve many layers. The more the layers get intense, the more the networks between the data deepen. Consequently, the softwares can learn by themselves by way of the algorithms they develop based on the data. Deep learning is a technology developed for the purpose of deducing by evaluating many complicated data which can not be evaluated by humans in a very short time and in a verifiable manner.

Well, how deep learning works? For instance, you want to make the deep learning define “bird” by distinguishing the living and non-living things. You can realize the distinguishing and the classification of the images which are bird and are not bird by adding as many images as possible belong to the bird species because of that the birds have many different species via deep learning.

Let’s give an example about how it works in the content marketing. For instance, if you want to specify a target audience, you should arrange a data set that involves the characteristics of different target groups for your data. For specifying how a certain target group reacts for which contents, it should also be specified the criterion of that target group and input them to the system as data. According to these data, you can obtain the information about which contents are interested by the target audience. You can see that what kind of advertisement content are more effective on which target audience in which products.

Where Deep Learning Is Used?

Today deep learning have been using in almost all industries but content marketing is one of the most exciting and potential areas of usage for deep learning. Deep learning examples have been using in the life such as in self-driven automobiles, the communication of robots, face detection and object detection, and the pre-detection of diseases. Deep learning has been using in sentiment analysis by benefiting from the data of customer experiences in marketing field as well as the fields such as automobile, mechatronics and medical sciences. In deep learning, the computer model learns doing classification through visuals, texts or audios. It can be done real-time sentiment detection by using the data created through examining the photographs, videos and contents. And these data increases the success level of the contents prepared during advertisement.

Deep Learning with Numbers

According to the research conducted by BrightEdge with 500 digital marketers;

  • 60% of the companies are planning to use deep learning in their content marketing strategies in 2018. This rate is 43% in the year of 2017.
  • In the year of 2018, while 4% of the companies express that they already use deep learning, they report that this method provides benefit in understanding the customer during producing content and increasing productivity.
  • 31% of the companies think that personalized contents produced by way of deep learning are effective for the customer.
  • 27.1% of the companies remark that it provides more saving of time and 14.5% remark that they prepare contents which display better performance.(1)

According to a survey of Capgemini, 75% of the enterprises which use deep learning have increased their customer satisfaction more than 10%.(2)

How Deep Learning Is Used in Content Marketing?

In content marketing done without using deep learning, you evaluate the traffic of your website, examine sales reports and try to make analytical deductions from your social media data. You continue to produce content in the same way by considering that it works or produce contents in a different way by considering that it does not work. Where there are too many advertisements and contents, it becomes impossible for you to understand what and why works or does not work. It is dependent on coincidences for you to achieve success through trial and error method. In this respect, deep learning is a golden opportunity for create a focused content marketing strategy.

By way of deep learning, you can steer your content marketing strategy easily in a more effective and useful manner for your target audience. Deep learning informs you about which target audience is interested in which content and sharing. It necessitates time and energy to produce valuable content which attract your target audience’s attention all the time but deep learning makes this process easy because now you begin to prepare your contents by knowing the expectations and needs of your target audience. You can create personalized contents for your target audience by using deep learning. For increasing the labor productivity, you can shorten the time you spend for reporting and strategy formulation instead of following your data manually.

In content marketing without using deep learning, it is a massive effort to create personalized contents according to different demographical data. You can make highly correct deductions about your target audience by way of deep learning.

Deep learning helps you to specify which words are effective for which target audience through keyword analysis. This eases the processes of content preparation, improvement, distribution, sharing and following. In this way, you do not lose time, money and energy while you try to understand their reactions with trial and error method through producing different contents.
Deep learning is a quite important instrument primarily because of that the target audience finds its content searching aim for writing valuable content. Deep learning analyzes important data such as popular search results and estimates for you what your target audience wants. When we consider that the processes of content preparation such as finding ideas, being creative and making difference are takes much time, it takes much time for you to produce qualified contents which increase social interaction. Deep learning helps you about in which topic you will create contents, which keywords you will use, and to which target audience you show these contents. The success of content marketing depends on analyzing after collecting the outcomes and specifying what works and what does not work.

Developing your content marketing strategy through deep learning method is quite advantageous. It increases the success and decreases your costs by interpreting a large number of data in a rapid way.